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NIFTY Prediction for 3 DECEMBER 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010 | Labels: , , , | |


Today NIFTY close on support level of 6000 level. Inthe last three session Nifty continously advances. This shows that there is strong buying in Nifty. If you want to go buy buying in Nifty use stoploss 5975. There is good buy to show Nifty 6150 level again. Nifty to convert in new phase.

On stock counter Rcom, HDIL, Pantaloon, SUZLON those stock shows good movments in intraday. On short term perspetive they will perform good return.

In this level of market it always better to ise stoploss in any stock. Do not trade with whole capital, use only 10% of your capital for trading purpose. Do not test or challenge to market. All this are not free advice, those sentences, I able to learn after active trading of eight year. It is upto you how you define your trading style. I feel those setences will help you to define trading style.

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