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Top 4 stock watch list and portfolio provider for Indian Stock Market.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | | |


Top 4 stock watch list and portfolio provide for Indian Stock Market.

In recent days mobile are become day to day gadget in India. Now Indian customer are shifting from chit-chatting to next generation of mobile use. They are started to follow market on mobile. They are now have market movement in there hand. This is possible due to mobile and GPRS technology, which is available on mobile. NSE also gives approval to trading from mobile. This is cause more and more investor are now attracted towards mobile to at-least watch stock ticker. They are more friendly to use mobile to watch stock quote on mobile. So one can handle and keep control on their portfolio, when he are away from market. Investor are invest their money in versatile stock group, so there are feeling worse to type stock name on financial website for get quote of desire stocks. This is cause so many financial website as well as official website of BSE (BSEINDIA) also provides facility to create portfolio as well as watch list for your stock.

My colleague was using Rediff Money portfolio service. Recently there was problem of that server to load watch list and portfolio on mobile. (There may be technical problem in server. I am not blame To REDIFF. I just indicate that there may be some critical condition occur on net.) This was becoming cause to make pressure of blood on high side on scale. So I feel neccity to have option for that. I gave him proper solution. Now he have option.
This is purpose of this article to give TOP 4 Portfolio provider for Indian Stock Market.

1.Rediff Money:

This is one of the fast and almost real-time portfolio and ticker display. I checked that there is only 4 sec. Delay in rediff's data transmission. Just you have to create account on rediff to access this service. This service attract me. This is very simple menu to add stock in watch list or in portfolio. There menu option are simple and easy for common investor.


Moneycontrol is one of leading financial website on Indian horizon to provide portfolio creator or watch-list for investor's sake. Here also require account to use this services. On money control watch list little more delay in quote refreshment almost of 1 to 2 min. Money control provide simple and easy way to add and remove stock name in list of watch list. They are also one good feature is available, you can watch view of investor's on on particular stock. You can also post your queries for moneycontrol board.


BSE provide this facility for investor well being. There is also need to create account for using this portfolio tracker. Only I feel little cumbersome to create account on BSE. BSE only add stock which are available on BSE. This service not for NSE stock.

4.Yahoo finance:

You can create your portfolio on Yahoo also. There is to much more than 15 minutes delay for stock quote refreshment. Only value of Nifty spot is refresh on 4 sec. Delay. They also have other good features. You can watch stock price graph with various available tools to analysis.

I am not give any link of those portfolio's website. You can easily find on Google. Just search in google and go on the way to use ticker on live.

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