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YOU are going to RICH in next 10 year, How?

Monday, December 13, 2010 | | |


Today one news attract me most which is published in Economic Times. Heading of this news is, " India 's richest years: How to make them yours too". I think also like to read this news. Obviously as citizen of India, this news denotes that we are going to rich in next twenty years. Don 't be in hurry for conclusion. Read latter part of heading, "How to make them yours too". In other way India going to rich, How about you ? Indian government have specified plan to make India rich. They have fruitful policy to achieve the double digit GDP.

Do you have such policy in your mind to makeyou rich? What can you do to taste the fruit of growing economy? There is huge chances to be a rich in next 10 years as copmapre to last sixty years. You have to make yourself prepare for this event. It is better to say future than event. First thing should get more chances to be rich near surrounding of work area. Another sure way is that right way of investment. Growing in economy is require more investment. If you invest in right area, you should gain maximum benefit of your investment. This article even denote that Gold colud reach to level of 10000$ for ounce means 1.4 lac ruppes for 10 gm shocking!!! I am also agree with this value of gold in future. Now you can imagine, how big Indian economy will grow? They predicted that size of Indian economy will be four to five time of current.
If your not initiate to act , then you shoul found yourself on same place. where you stand now ? In future inflation also on higher side to curb your buying power. So value of money should depreciated with respective time.

This article also suggest that there may be some sector which could be not grow as in past. There should be new area for investment will be open. You should be more vigilant to recognise opportunity.

My self conclude that if you are vigilant and keep yourself updated with recent activities, you should able to rich . This is the motto of this article to make you aware. I am prepare for that. What about you?
Feel free to write about your ideas regarding this article.

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