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Thursday, December 8, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In the clody weather on financial globe. It is very tough to think about investing money in stock market. Volataliy is higher which helps trader who are clever and just grab profit and run away.

Nifty makes base for the short rally in it. It is quite obivious if market moves with volcanic erruption above side, there will chances to missed good oppourtnity to earn risk free money.

If this time for Nifty consider as bottom then still it good chances to earn. Risk reward ratio is good in Indian stock market. Most of the stocks are discounted at this time in the market.

You may think me as fool go give advice, "sail in thunder". If you want a good catch, you must dare to sail in stormy condition with proper guess of weather.

There may chances to short term upside rally in Indian stock market. So be ready to utilise the chance
with proper stop loss.
Be in touch with to learn to trade. To learn to earn.

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Nifty may point out GOOD oppourtunity.

Friday, August 26, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Dear investor,
Today Nifty close at 4747 point something. Some investor are earn money by short while most of us ruin in mini crash rally. Almost 1000 points were falling in Nifty. If you weren looking closely every fall and rise of Nifty from last one year, then you are understanding that fall and rise of Nifty almost 1000 points each time.

If you suppose to be true thenwe can conclude that it is time to buying. Even we can more goes in advance that it is time to go long. Every fall and rise always generate oppourtunity if earning. It is on of them.

We can take position in this wild market with proper stop in mind for minimise the risk.

Best Regards
Money Drives Life

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Falling Nifty raise chances of earning, How? Check it...

Thursday, August 18, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty once again close under the level 5000. This period is tough for investor as well as trader. There is always hope in worst period also, if you look positively rather than hard beating on your chest.

Today Nifty may come close to bottom. In this level it will try to rest feet on muddy ground. It may chance to fall of another 100 points in Nifty. It is time to pull your hook out of water, else your catch will eaten by shark of market and you would again buy good stock high price. There are too many good stock at attractive discount price. Try to buy steadily with small quatity each time rather than bulk quantity.

Stock like Reliance, SBI, Suzlon are few of example. You have to risk little. It is always safe to buy at low than crest of matket.

Wishing you Happy and prosperous buying!

Keep in touch with<ahref = ""> Money Drives Life</a>

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How Closing tells defines strength in Nifty?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Dear market student,
In market I always heard that closing price is most important. But don’t know, “How to use it?”,
“How to analyze the closing price for future moves?” and “what really closing price denotes?”  Same question may arise in your mind also regarding Nifty.  We all know that closing price is very important market. Closing price is last emotion of market movers in market recorded on last time. So closing price helps us to define future.

Closing Price is denoting finger toward future.  Just we have to watch it carefully. I am telling here about closing price with keep in mind NIFTY. You may use it for another any instrument or stock also. I like to initially declare that it is not secret formula. It is one of the common techniques which are use by most wise trader. So while make analyze technically consider this trick also.

To make little simple calculation, we have to know some information of regarding closing price.
Those are as follows;
High Price
Low price
Closing Price
For example Today’s;
High Price =5112.15
Low Price=5017.25
Closing Price=5056.6
If you are watch above prices with out any pre condition, then we should unable to come on any conclusion. Some simple mathematical steps are helping to find out, firm ground to step on tomorrow market.
Just check it out
To find out range of market,
Range of Nifty= High Price – Low price
In our case
Range =5112.15-5017.25
To take averages divide it by 2
Add this average value in Low Price
=5017.25 +47.45              
It is our last value coming by manipulation with high and low price
It is center of today’s Nifty movement. Now check closing where it closes.
In our case Nifty closing Price is 5056.6.  It is below our center point 5064.7.
That simply denotes that weakness in market, but wait for some time to come final conclusion.
Closing price is very little distant from our center price 5064.7. So it also indicates that market sentiment is still in bearish but it is above previous price. That means  tomorrow  opening will be higher but with weaker trend.

In this way use it for analyze and judge market future. Over the experience you should able to predict right trend of Nifty. Your own experience is must. There is no “Chirag of Alladin” . You have to make your own with own experience.

In experiment mode (as beginner of market student, avoid to take position). Make your base firm then only try to swim in market, else you will loose money.

Hope you like it. Try new own ideas also. One day we would succeed to achieve right path.
Till then keep checking Money Drives Life!!!

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Why we are loose money on RIGHT decision? & What will be Nifty's next move?,

Thursday, July 21, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Why we are loose money on RIGHT decision?
Nifty is most volatile thing. No one can predict till it on 100%. We can try to analyze it and come to some conclusion near to right one. I am studying Nifty since long. Some time my result come 60-80% accurate (This is my own view for myself..You may be seemed different.). It is only like joke Nifty prediction.  I am studying Nifty on closing basis. So the results are more fit to short term as well as long term. Intraday on my view is quite risky one.  

In Nifty it is very difficult me also to trade. Prediction of price is one thing and movement and emotional factor is also involved in real time. If you ever predict any trend of any instrument, then you may witnessed of following sentences like, “ My prediction was 100% accurate, but I sell position due to opposite surge in your instrument price.”  Those surge, those emotional mixer moment is very hard to digest in real time, when you are watching any price moment in real time.  Most of time we just miss position like due to emotion and time also. It is like darkest time in night is come before dawn.  That is moment we just loose patience.
Trader are very well aware, “what I telling about?” Long term investor also faces this situation but they are stand due to there long term nature and risk digestive appetite.

In this way even though we have taken RIGHT decision, still we are loosing money due to emotional and timing factor.

 What will be Nifty's next move?
Now come to point in Nifty, if you are regular reader, then you very well aware about level of 5565 in article of “Why Nifty doesn’t show clear trend?". This level is broke today on closing basis.  This condition is still in market.  Nifty may face choppy session on Friday also. In next week there are chances to break this choppy session.  We can hope of clear trend in next week.
This my analysis about Nifty. Here I am avoiding giving any figure for last day of week. Initially I am telling that I am studying Nifty on short term basis. Till the breakout, we have to wait. On Monday could be upper side breakout chances in Indian stock market. We can use harness money, this breakout by buying call in this worst condition. (Use your brain to take decis)ion.
Keep joining here. So we can share view about Nifty and other stock market on Money Drives Life. You can also share view with our reader here.

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Great thoughts for great life

Sunday, July 17, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


"Doing is very good, but that comes from thinking.....

Fill the brain, therefore, with high thoughts, highest ideals, place them day and night before you, out of that will come great work"-
-Swami Vivekananda
We all have come to here with certain purpose, it is another matter we dosen't know our goal. For this unconscious state of mind above quote helps. Doing something is always important, it helps us to findout our goal. Doing comes from our thinking. Every action is product of our thought. This thing very well aware by Swami Vivekananda. That's why they teach us fill our brain highest thoughts and ideals so output of great thing always be great.

Hope this simple quote fill our life with great work in our life. So our family and our society feel proud on us.

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Major Hurdle of Nifty Relay Rally

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Indian matket seems be in very confusing stage. Trader in puzzle mind state. Nifty plays on high and low waves. This condition cause is waste of money (particular in option segment). There is nothing seen clear in those hazy days. Then what should be move of Nifty in upcoming future? While thinking about future of Nifty from this particular stage, we should take some broad point consideration.

Current Global condition and Indian economy
Current global condition on Economic front is try to stabilize after recession. Still so many affected area of recession era comes in front of global financial policy maker.
E.g. Greece debt crisis
There is still another rumor in Europe, Italy may face financial problem.
In this global condition it is very tough to walk towards two eight GDP to India. In positive side of Indian economy, Indian economy were less affected by global disaster still. So moves of Indian economy seen firm towards future.

Inflation is one of the problem in front of most of emerging economy . India also not away from this problem. In one hand government try to try to minimise inflation by hike in interest rate, another side those effort sweep out by make hike in prices of fuel.
In this way inflation still appear big problem. Indian economist try to handle those problem with greater effort and talent.

Rain in India
No one can deny importance of monsoon in India. India is agriculture based economy. So monsoon is most important factor in movement of Nifty.
Those are the major hurdle in path of Nifty.

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Prepare yourself To WIN Against Worst In Stock Market

Thursday, June 30, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Market is always place of Risk. Most of Investors are aware about RISK. Some events are expected as we think while some are more disastrous. We can not guess time of occurrences as well as their effect on our portfolio. They are more investment sucker than we are thought about them. One just can’t imagine their effects on our daily life. Awareness  and consideration of Risk for some degree is always keep in account  by investor as well as trader, but what could you do, if disastrous moment are more than your thinking?
Most of investor of world are very well aware fall of 2007 and 2008. Those moments are just coming. Slowdown in economy is not expected by investor. New investor generation were not aware about fall like this hell. All the profits, which come from last five year were swept away in month. Nobody wants those miserable time in life, but they occurs without any notice.
Then how could prevent from losses and minimize losses?
Everyone agree that no one can predict future moment at present. We can prevent from worst by simple steps.
Those steps are as follows;

  • Know your investment behavior

Judge yourself. what kind of investor or trader you? Your behavior towards your investment can easy tool to find out associated RISK for your investment.

  • Learn future from past

Future can be predicted from past and present.  There may be it is little more dusty, but some what close. For e.g. If you are buried seed of mango tree under soil, then you very well know that mango tree will come out from it. No other tree like apple or some thing comes out from mango seed. That means your defined future. (There may be chances of various condition and chances in it, but there always mango tree will grow.)

  • Keep low volume
 Always invest with small steps of volume. No matter if you are trader, just start and end with small volume. Good earning with small volume can be possible. Small volume may save your brokerage and minimize risk. Rather than buying and selling on huge list of stock, try to handle few counters at time. It will always easy to track few stocks at time.

  • Make your homework first
For tomorrow trading or next investment move always do homework.  Study various charts volume and price. It will gives idea about market condition and various other information. 

  • Keep Second option

Do not put all eggs in single basket. Always spread money other field, which are you know very well. It will be next earning source for you in worst condition. Market is good for earn money and fast to lose money.  So always keep some money in another investment instrument where RISK is low. Do not touch that money in good period.
I don’t want to serve you heavy dose of DO’s and Don’t.  Above writing words are same applying to me also. I am also tried to follow them. I did so many mistake in past. So I am also trying to learn with you. It is very simple way to learn with so many my readers. I like it very much.  
Hope this article is found informative and useful to you. Keep visiting to Money Drives Life for more information various topic. You may suggest various topic to make Money Drives Life best.

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Why Nifty doesn't show clear trend?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In Indian stock market, today Nifty had moved in definite band. Yet Nifty doesn't show any clear trend for trader even though. There is so many reason of no clear trend in market.  Greek Debt Crisis is one of macro economical problem on the horizon of world of finance. This crisis is worst hit the world. There is 48 hour general strike in Greek . There is election on austerity note (Whether cut of spending of Greek Govt. spending or not). There is two clear group among them. One think that there is urgent need to minimize spending of govt., in oppose them one group think already two many strict rules were followed  by there govt. and stimulus package is not even enough to boost there economy.

What will be the effect of Greek Crisis of emerging economies like India?
This question is arises in my mind same like you. After searching and reading much news and article, I am come to some conclusion. Those conclusions are purely my view on current information. You view may differ or actual condition may other. Before goes for any investment decision, go for professional advice.  
Greek Crisis is pressurized the economy of Euro Zone. There is huge pressure on Euro. So country like France is in front to support Greek Government. Now this aid totally depends upon the austerity note election. Who knows how much size of debt? So there will be requirement of good size of stimulus package.
If Euro slides, then dollar will gain weight again. So these will good for Indian software industry, in other front India should pay high for import.
So those conditions are created so many pressures on whole world. Particularly emerging economies are cautious.  So keep track of Global financial horizon. If there is any good news, then market will define it’s trend. Even you should keep on eye on Nifty. If Nifty able to close tomorrow above 5565, there should be good chances to bull trend back in market.

I hope this article is found informative to you. Till then keep visiting. You can subscribe our feed to read through email.

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Nifty Come back with New ZEST, Raise 151 point

Friday, June 24, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty come back with new zest after closing on 5320 on 23 June 2011,  today Nifty raise 151 point from 5320. If you are my regular reader, then you are witnessed of my last article.(I am not consistent writer. I am sorry for that. Right and accurate prediction takes time. I don’t want to give reason for lack of consistency.  I am writing article, when I feel I am accurate and confident. ) You can check my last article on Nifty prediction (That article come with very good accuracy.)
Okay Nifty shows his power today. Nifty now crosses 5320 with greater force. Now next resistance for upcoming Bull Run wills 5565. This is last point where trend of Nifty can convert from bearish to bullish on short term as well as long term basis.
If this Nifty is not able to close above on this point in this month of JUNE 2011, then negative trend remain in head of trader till SEPTEMBER 2011.

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NIFTY PREDICTION FOR 23 JUNE 2011 & Near Short Term

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


As in my last article on Nifty Trend, we were talking about Nifty trend.We are very good at prediction on Nifty. I don't like to any claim on our success of predicting/. We can say that this time we were on right track. Nifty prove that we were on right track. okay.. This celebration of successes must be over. Come on the point.

Then what will Nifty in end of June? What will short term trend of
Indian stock market? 

So now time to concentrate on our target and study for accurate prediction.

My some observation of Nifty (spot), you must consider them before come
to any conclusion of your own study.

  • Nifty has crucial Resistance at 5320.

If Nifty able to cross 5320 on closing basis, then only we can think for change in trend.

  • Nifty is bearish on short term basis as well as long term basis.

  • Nifty not achieved bottom. From 23 June 2011 it may come with some buying but end of month it again come to bearish side.

Hope you understand my meaning.. 

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Nifty view for week of 13 June- 17 June 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011 | Labels: , , | 0 Comments |


In last week view Nifty Levels,  we were on some conclusion. If you were thoroughly watch market then market is unable to close above 5565 as per our analysi that’s why it didn’t go for next journey. We were on very right track. I hope that last article help you to earn very good sum.

Nifty’s weekly view is showed the consolidation in nifty shows from second half of February to till month of June. In Indian stock market, Nifty are looking at decision point for long term. Over all trend of Nifty looks me on weekly chart is on Negative side. Bulls are looking with less energy, even with those low levels of Nifty. They are not enthusiastic to buy on this cloudy situation for long term. This phenomenon denoted point of my last MAJOR TREND prediction for Nifty in Indian stock market.

In daily view Nifty market Nifty makes good gain from the 5328-5600. This gain almost of 300 points from low point, but after that in last three days of trading week traders were preferred to sell and book out profit.
Then obviously one knows, “Where will be Nifty in next week of 13 June- 17 June?”. For this matter I like to take support from intraday data of last week of Nifty. In last week volatility of Nifty is very low. Even with cloudy condition form weekly and Daily chart Nifty shows positive opening on Monday13 June. If Nifty able to close on above 5515 Monday 13 June, then we can expect next two trading session Nifty in positive. Over conclusion of above all analysis, I like to attract your attention on one point that in last two trading session on next week Nifty will witness of heavy fall.

If Nifty goes in positive, then Larsen & Tubro, ITC, Zee Ltd, HDFC BANK and TCS will be supporter for Nifty. They are in very good position to support.

Hope this article helps you in trading. After all trading is very serious business in the world with high risk. So before act you must study present environment in market. Past data are helpful to direction, but it is unable to show you pits of roads while you journey. Some time small pit can be big valley and vice-versa.

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Nifty view for week of 6 June- 10 June 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty 30 May-3 June 1
Nifty was bottom out on 5340. You can read about rally in my article of What will Nifty June 20011? . As per this article Nifty is not able to breach level of 5320. So this rally were of short covering in market last week.
In last week Nifty make move of 5450-5600. Nifty try to break level of 5600, but slips as pressure of profit booking. In last session of last week Nifty breaks 5600 for movement, from there huge selling is occur due to last day of week.
In coming week as per above graph some prediction are as below;
In graph we are plotting parallel trend line. If Nifty opens above 5565, then only there is a chance to bull rally in market in short time view. If Nifty able to close above 5600 level then momentum of Nifty will convert to positive form negative.
If this not occurs, then grip of BEAR becomes strong.
Hope this little article helps you to earn money in Indian stock market.

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25 TOP Buzzing STOCKS , Must Be Under Your Eyes

Thursday, June 2, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Buzzing stock which must be under your eyes

Following are stock your can use for your trading need. You can use
use this list of stock for your convenience in trading. You must first
that you have to follow the proper trend of those stock. Those stock
are highly volatile and risky, but intraday player are always use such
stock for their bet. Such stock are basic need of intraday trading.
After all your can not touch dump stock, which does not move with
respective to stock market Index like NIFTY and SENSEX.

  1. Mahindra Satyam
  2. Suzlon
  3. Dish TV
  4. MCDowell
  5. Ranbaxy
  6. Bharti AIrtel
  7. ITC
  8. Hindalco
  9. L & T
  10. Skumar
  11. Glenmark
  12. Educomp
  13. Zee Ltd.
  14. Inda Infoline
  15. HDFC Bank
  16. Arvind
  17. NIIT Ltd.
  18. Sintex
  19. TCS
  20. HCL Tech
  21. DCB
  22. Hindustan Petrolium
  23. Kalindee
  24. Apollo Tyre
  25.  ABG Shipyard

This stock presented here for information purpose. If you want to use them in
your trading activity, your have to do your own analysis. You have to use
your power of decision which is hidden in your own mind.

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20 TOP Stock For Your Trading And Investment Need From Indian Stock Market

Saturday, May 28, 2011 | Labels: , , , | 0 Comments |


In last week I had found some very active stock counter in Indian stock
market with very good volume. You can use this stock list for more investigation.

Here I have provided list of stock with great volume, They are performing best
on Friday. You can use this stock for your analysis. I am not saying that
those stock are performing one. I just want to attract your attention,
those stock make good volume. If you want use this list for INTRADAY, then
 made analysis of them first. Intraday trading is after all very risky business,
with good rewards. You may like to read Golden Rules of INTRADAY TRADING.

Volume wise ACTIVE Stock list

  7. IDFC
  8. HDIL
  9. IFCI

Above list of stock are ACTIVE with good volume on stock exchange.

I like to present another list some very good stock, with UP trend. Those stocks
will be proved as good stock for short  term as well as long term with
proper STOP LOSS ( You have to set and analyze on yourself for proper
STOPLOSS. Before buying please do your own study to come at final decision.)
After STOCK MARKET is place of serious business. Mind it always. If you want to know another term and investment strategy READ

ACTIVE stock with UP Trend on 12 days moving average
  2. DISH TV
  4. ITC LTD
  11. ZEE LTD (ZEEL)

Hope this list minimize your work to choose good stock for trading and
investment. You can choose good stock among them.

If you have any positive suggestion regarding this article, then feel free to

share your views in sake of good quality in future.

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Develop Your Carrier With National Stock Exchange in India

Friday, May 27, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In this fast moving era everyone wants to shape their carrier with good background. In finance sector there are some lucrative courses are available with great scope. I like to share one of the great opportunities with my reader. In the finance sector stock market is one of the most sectors. Don’t be afraid, if you don’t have commerce background. Just you must have passion in this sector. NSE provides and conducts some very outstanding courses. Those courses are available from entry level or beginner level to Master one. Course fees are also affordable as compare to another academic institute. NSE also provide some discount scheme, those scheme is required scholar student. If you are scholar one, then your are right one to entitle this scheme. You have to prove. You can think those as additional buster for your carrier rocket.

For this purpose in 1998, National Stock Exchange introduced NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) in India. There is very good chances for student as well as brilliant trader even though they doesn’t have commerce background.

For NCFM required practical knowledge of stock market. These courses are online. For this purpose NSE held online exam on various center regions wise test center. Those tests are conducted by professional way. So there is very good chance to make good carrier in Indian financial sector. NSE conducts this all course on online by intranet through test center. There is also facility of appear for exam through internet if test center is not nearby to your town or village.

In the Indian financial sector is need of high skilled manpower. Indian financial sector are start to spreading their on various horizon. These sectors are open new doors of opportunities for student. So be ready with proper knowledge and requirement. This sector is one of the fast growing sectors in India.
This course certification is very admirable in world of stock market related sector. So one can open own business or use those certificate for best job in stock market sector.

NCFM conducts following course modules as per level of student;

  • Financial Markets: A Beginner's Module
  • Securities Market (Basic) Module
  • Currency Derivatives: A Beginner’s Module
  • Mutual Funds: A Beginner's Module
  • Equity Derivatives: A Beginner's Module
  • Interest Rate Derivatives: A Beginner's Module
  • Commercial Banking in India : A Beginner's Module
  • Capital Market (Dealers) Module
  • Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module
  • FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market (Basic) Module
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Commodities Market Module
  • Options Trading Strategies Module
  • Surveillance in Stock Exchanges Module
  • NSDL-Depository Operations Module
  • AMFI-Mutual Fund (Basic) Module
  • AMFI-Mutual Fund (Advisors) Module
  • Corporate Governance Module
  • Compliance Officers (Brokers) Module
  • Compliance Officers (Corporates) Module
  • Modules of Financial Planning Standards Board India (Certified Financial Planner Certification)
  • Information Security Auditors Module (Part-1) & Information Security Auditors Module (Part-2)
  • NISM-Series-I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination (NISM-Series-I: CD Examination)
  • NISM-Series-II-A: Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents - Corporate Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-II-B: Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents – Mutual Fund Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-IV: Interest Rate Derivatives Certification
  • NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-VI: Depository Operations Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-VII:Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination
  • Certified Personal Financial Advisor (CPFA) Examination
  • Financial Modeling Module
  • Financial Services Marketing Module
  • Issue Management Module
  • Equity Research Module
  • Market Risk Module
For more information visit to >> NSEINDIA>>NCFM

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What will NIFTY in JUNE 2011?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty fall in this month gradually. In this fall Nifty make low of 5320. Rollover were accomplished. This month is found good for bears.

If Nifty unable to breach 5320, then we can expect same rally as march till 6000. This surprise rally may start from 3 to 4 June 2011. This rally may lead by Infosys, TCS, ONGC and SBI.

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What will future of Indian Real Estate Companies?

Saturday, May 21, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Indian Real Estate companies were facing problem of finance from Global slowdown. There are needful for loan. They are unsuccessful to raise money from money from IPO. This is due to sacra city of bankers and funds for Indian Real Estate companies. Indian banks are unwilling to finance to this sector.
So Indian companies are start to raise money from Non Debenture Certificate (NDC). Interest of those loans are from 16%-24%. They are raising finance on such high interest rate. This is cause of pressure on profit margin of Indian Real Estate Companies. Even though this can increase make pressure on companies’ balance sheet. This may become cause of hike in real estate price in India.
Upcoming year will prove these moves of Indian Real Estate Companies are RIGHT or WRONG? Now this is our timing to think over that as an investor. What you think for Real Estate sector of India?, Is there time to buy to Real Estate shares?, Is it good for our portfolio to stay invested in real estate shares?, Are real estate companies are such positive on upcoming growth?. If the moves of Indian companies will successes, then there is big upward movement by cause in Indian stock market.
Upcoming future will give all answer of all questions. Till then I like to invite you for your opinion as an trader and investor.
 (Note:This article is based on news ,which is broadcasting on one of leading financial  news channel .)

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NIFTY general view

Monday, May 9, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Yesterday nifty close on on 5551. This is quite good level in those thunder day of negative. Last week Indian Inc. were open bag of result of big companies.
Those result were quite mixture of joy and sorrow.

Reknown economist are still not support to rate of GDP will cross 10%. Service industry is buster of Indian economy, but alone this is not sufficent to win race.

In next up coming week till 16 May 2011 Nifty will find some recovery. Nifyy would touch to 5750.

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What will Nifty on 5 May 2011?

Sunday, May 1, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Astrology is also helpful to study the divine cycle. Planetary effects on stock market were researched by so many scholars. Initially I am not agreeing with astrological effect on stock market. But as studied various cycle theory, I know most of repetitions of cycle after certain time. Those time period found most of time to match with planetary revolution around Earth (Western as well as Eastern astrological keep Earth as center. That is called they use Geocentric orbit).

That is not matter to astrology or me, if we both not agree with each other. Let it be as student of stock market and trading I have to follow all aspects of speculation. This is time for astrology.  I had studied astrology from last few months. I could able to speculate for myself for Nifty.  I am not dare to say that my all speculation are 100% right. There is some what near or close. So I like to say, “Judge my below speculation with as additional input for your study of market.”
May Nifty change on 5th May 2011?
On 5th May Saturn is entered in Virgo (Kanya Rashi), this event greatly effect to Nifty.  So be aware after 12 PM if you are trade in Nifty. This entrance can creep some in wrong position. If you are thinking to take position in Nifty or long your short position, think twice or thrice.  

Hope those my short Note about astrology help you.

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Overworking is slowly grows in India

Saturday, April 30, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


As economy grows in India, work load on employees also increase. New work culture are slowly establish in India. Service Industries is become first choice of youth. So called five digit salary is main reason to attraction of youth towards service industry. Not only service industry most of sector now overflood with youth.

This is become competition reason midle age and youth in work place. Experiance become secondary due to new sector like software, call center. Those are reason of uncertinity of job. People start to perform more than each other. They now need more time on work to secure their place as well as job.

Slowely this become culture of overoworking. Employee feel great time with work and collegue. Late night parties as target complition reward become necessary to show their presense in company. Those unnessary thing become first priorities of many. In those comdition they are start to away from family.

This is become social problem. So many crimes like sucide, divorce are some drawback of over working. It is need to think in corporate world either they need healty employee or mentally frustrated. So many times, I personally found that overtime for work can not give efficency. Rather than cool and calm mind can perform well on another hand.

We are never too late as we start to take first step. Overwoking cause so many problem itn society. There is need to ask yourself first, how many time you eat with your family in last week?, Are you play or sit with children in last week? Those simple question give status of your own to your mind.

Then what can you do, work is also necessary. I dosen't meant that you leave your job. Just slight change can help you.

Compition is necessary, but what cost? Decide yourself.
Better way to learn say to "No" politely.
Avoid over time spendimg after office hour.
Don't carry office work to home.
Do meditation.
Develope your hobbies. Develope extra skill rather than your routine. It will help you from strain of job loss. You are very well aware story of recession.
Keep your family on highest priority.

Hope this article help you if you do overwork or prevent from overworked.

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India will be next SUPER POWER, Don't underestimate current Super power USA?

Friday, April 29, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


India will be next SUPER POWER, Don't underestimate current Super power USA?

From last decade to till date, media and so called market expert are make gloomy painting of shine India. As companion with them media also give air to this fire. As usual from hawker to businessmen also start to change mindset. They also feel that there hugry stommach are filled with those dream. I am not against India's economic development. But last week I had read some facts about current Super power and other developing nation like India. One of newpaper come with some facts and figure. I don't want to republish those.

This article publish on occasion of BRICS (BRAZIL,RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA). Those wise analyst compare USA's economy with BRICS nation. As per those figure, summation of BRICS ECONOMY is near to 11 trillion dollar and USA stands for 15 trillion dollar. Now you are wise, think!!

BRICS nations economy are having load of heavy population among them China and India are on top. USA only feeds to 26 crore people. Then there is big gap between USA and India.

India have scope to go with fast space. There weakness that is population is may become there strength, only if we ard work. Economy grows, no one come to you to give your pie. You have to work for it.

This article write to wake up my brothers and sisters, we have to march ahead. There are still 1000 miles to go, so better way start with single step rather than day dreaming.

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Indian Stock Market: What will moves of NIFTY in 2011-2012?

Thursday, April 21, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In Indian market as trader so many waiting for Big Bull rally including me( But I am very well aware that market not moves as per my wish).

Then what will happen in Indian stock market in next upcoming year. As studing Indian stock market technically, I like to forecast, to test my own view about market. That is not neccessary, all those will be 100% accurate. Most of times, I am forgetting my own ideas overtime. So it is better way to jolt it down on paper. So I found this new idea to write article with companion to jolting. Write article has another benefit, you will get new views about same thing via comments( There is lot of spamming on net, it is another story).

Okay, then what will be Nifty in 2012? It is not necessary that your guess or forecast will be 100% right. If your are trading in Nifty or Indian stock market, then you must have some raw concept about your own index. Your index is barometer of countries economy. Own individual state of mind are represent your development and faith in your economy. So with those ideal, I had studies last week. Some intresting things come in front me. I like very much to study maket technically. It is my passion. Due to study in technical analysis my life touch to various aspect of life. Come to point, I like to share with you, some my observation of my study of Nifty INDEX. I like to avoid to say it forecast of Nifty. I like to say my view about Nifty. There may chances to deviation or absolutely fail. So just read with plain mind. Before act in market, act with your mind.

In remaining 2011 to 2012 Nifty will not cross it's life time high. In this period Nifty act sideway. It bound to level of 5200-6350. It is not thing for nervous. It is oppourtunity to take short trade, rather go long. Nifty will try to make base for big move afterward June 2012. There is chances of breakout after 18 June 2012. It is time to make preparation of game plan in dressing room before big Bull rally.

What is your view? Feel free to your view about Nifty, even though you may not agree with me.

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Monday, April 11, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


From last few days two stock are come on my radar. I found them in buying mode. Below all are views are mine. You have to act accordingly your own brain.

Orbit Corporation
This stock slip from month ago from level of 80 to 50. It test support level of 50 and jump almost 60. Now it's float with market near to 55. One can buy with stoploss of 50. (If you are think for buy, then I like advise you that buy in bearable quanitity. Do not overload your truck.)

This is another counter opposite to Orbit. Month ago it is on level of 80. Now it on 120. It able to crucial level of 100. Remain good track with even negative market weather. It will zoom good when market turn to green. It is once fast moving stock with very high price almost it work 1200 in last few year ago.

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Market Rumors... And there impact



Market Rumors... And there impact...
In market every day come with rumors. Market always spreading and benefiting from rumors. Many investor as well as trader are loose there money due to various rumors which are spreading in market.Market is place where imaginztion, dreams, fear are alive every moment. One are come in market to not only earn money but also prove themselves special one with higher IQ.

Market always lure to money due to easy earning. You know very well that money can not walk, some one come with money . Those person may be you or me. That is not matter to money who brought money in stock matket. There is always game of hope and lossing hope. Emotions are changing with every tick of Nifty or your desire stock. In such cloudy envoirment, rumors are cause of shaking ground, distract sand below foot of trader. Rumor's source is always mystical as they themselves. Some rumors are become headline of newspaper as they become true, some disappear and grabbing lot of money from hand of investor and trader. Rumors appear on horizon of stock market like Tsunami. It is very small at it's center, wiyh passing of time it's amplitude and impact are increase heavily. Sprut in volume may find on stock counter. Rumors appears suddenly.

It is always better to use own brain and coolness while deal with rumor. I know you are witness of India's victory in ICC Cricket world cup 2011, you can how Mr. DHONI deal with pressure condition. Same way you have to behave in stock market with rumors, Don't underestimte rumors. Always use stoploss while ride
on rumor. Always keep in mind that rumor may be true or false, so always use stoploss whild dealing rumors. Profit booking is also very important. Rumor can come up with earning oppourtunity, so you dosen't know how long rumors impact in market. So always book profit as it make positivd to your portfolio. Don't affraid to rumors, rather try to understand them.

Hope this little discussion might help you in market to earn good money.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


This is reminder for my readers about my short term recommandation. SUZLON which is recommanded before few days ago. So it is time to zoom for this counter. If you were miss the opporutnity before, then better buy it on any deep. It will give good benefit to you in upcoming days. Wait is over now.

Accumalation of Suzlon is over now. It will zoom in very near future. If you are existing investor and feel that you were trapped on this counter, then my humble advice is , "Be firm for some more time."

This is reminder for my reader. Decision is your. I am not force you to buy. You can wait and watch. Just keep in corner of mind.

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How to rid problem of forgetting ?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Habit of forget is human tendqncy. Most of us usally forget important dates and days like birthday of friend ,wife. This thing happen to every one , may be ones in life but surely. This may not call as habit of forgetting. God gifted this thing to make our life beautiful. Recall someone fire you in past.Those memories are painful, aren't it?. In those painful cases, feel good to fotget. Those painful momoent disappear over time.
In this way forgetting things life worse also. One on example forgetting important dates may cause of loss. If you have debit on credit card then you are very well aware how costly and missrable affair to forget.Once you miss your monthly installment, then those recovery guys make your month worse.

If you are prone to forget like me, first upon accept it.
I am not memory not tutor. I have not own any enhance program. I come up with this problem with try and error method. I am experimenting myself to rid this problem of forgetting.

How one can avoid habit of forgetting?
On above para of this article , I had write that forget is gift of God. Then how can one eliminate this thing from life, rather than I think to avoid to forget important things. So I can forget painful events of my life easily by practise as well as I should not face problem to forget important things like date of paid payment of life insurance.

I had adopt simple habits, which counter act to my problem. First important thing, I had adopt habit to write down important things as note in diary with proper notation and priority.Note down thing , before you should forget.

I like to help of my mobile for very important moment remembering. I had use alarm and calendar of mobile to mark thing. So this gadget easily helps me to remind on time.

I had start play mobile game. Mobile game like brain challenger to make sharp your brain, so easily rid the habit of forget.

Do yoga. Deep medatation calm your mind to accept things from outer world. On deep relaxation one can easily understand and memories thing easily. Yoga helps you to release stress. So our brain regain energy from our exhustive life style.
You can consult to your physician, if you have crucial habit of forget,

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Mystical movement in SUZLON

Monday, March 14, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


On 14 Mar 2011 SUZLON was traded with mystical volume. Average volume of SUZLON is not above 15000000 to 20000000 from last few months. I say mystical because volume touches vi Mark of 60000000 easily. My point is that even though huge volume. SUZLON remain three percent negative. On another side Nifty makes higher top on Greed side.

There is rumor of bulk deal of 4 cr. Shares . It may be true SUZLON counter start to show buying interest. My short term view on SUZLON is very bullish with stoploss of 42. It may zoom in next three months. It may be earlier than this also if market condition will favorable.

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What is similiar between INDIAN ECONOMY and SACHIN TENDULKAR?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


What is similiar between Sachin Tendukar ?
I never think before in this manner, but when I am reading article of Times of India, I am amazed with author of article. Such brilliant idea come in his mind and well narrated by author of this article.

As per this article Indian economy both start to take off from 1990. In this way this article tells you about Indian econmy and Sachin Tendulkar. I like to advise my reader. Must read this article. Here

Now come on floor of market, today Indian market make high jump. It is very big jump from last month. It is good sign.
After big correction from the level of 6300. It is good sign, after financial budget.

At last Suzlon which was my yesterday tips for short term, zoom today almost 7%. I feel good for my reader if they harness good money in intraday. If you are buying it, then hold it for good profit.

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Monday, February 28, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


SUZLON (CMP : 46.65)This counter was looking very lazy counter for six month. But it is on the bottom. It aleady tested this low level ground several times. So I feel this stock looking great to accommodate. This is right time with correction in market.

My view about SUZLON, it is very less to loose. One can use very tight range of stoploss that may be 44.
I don't want to insist any one. You can watch to enjoy.

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Upcoming Topics on Market and Forecasting

Saturday, February 26, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


My last few topics were over technical analysis. It is remind me always that I have to give some more to my reader. I am in doubt, Is this is right time to say about this.

It is not the matter of hiding. It is matter of time. It is matter of understanding. Now I am decided to write on those topic which are apart from fundamental analysis. Those seems near to Technical analysis, but it is merely not technical analysis. It is time comsuming techniques. Those techniques may be some time feel just shoot arrow towards star. I like to advice you. If you have time and patience, then only go through upcoming topics else ignore it. Ignorance may not harmful to you. If you are leave study in between, it will cause of waste of your valuable time in market.

In next upcoming days I started serious of topic on Gann analysis. Most of investor not aware about this GANN analysis. If you know that term, then also this topics enhance your knowledge. You can also share your knowledge with reader. So be ready for new ( not new but forgetted) door of forecasting.

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List of Top stock for intraday

Monday, January 24, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


List of Top stock for intraday
There are different stocks are acting is hero time to time. So it become essential to update stock list timely. Some stock goes sleep of winter so it become essential to but those stock from list e.g SUZLON.

Below is list of stock for intraday ;
In 2011 keep eyes on IT sector as well as mobile industry. Gold sector is also attrac attractive one.

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Your job is not immortal; then how can survive? READ it..

Sunday, January 23, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Experienced is highly appreciated word on recruiting board of various businesses on last decade. It is still ruling on some sector. Now it have mixed flavour of burden while you are experienced. Most of time businesses feel financial burden to your age and experienced.

You may feel that I make afraid to you. I was come to some article on Economic Times where renown brand in field of cold beverage thought for acquiring new employee to replace older one (those are more experienced, so they have to say more money).

You may tell to yourself that is comman procedure. New one replace older one. I am not against of it. I just want to knock your head. It is matter of money.

Now come to my point, you can not stop process of aging. No one can stop it. In recent era job shifting become remedy for above problem. Every one has to out of market of labour one day. So I like to advise some points ;

Think about your skill, evalute them. You may become employer of thousand. If you have guts to start new business then it is time to start. It is better to take kick on your back provide job to thousands.

If you doesn't have that much capacity, then you must have to get good returns for you service. Don't hesitate to make bargain for you skill.

Save small early so you can face any problem which rise due to financial crisis.

Specialist in one field is great to earn in normal condition. If you may kick out from your field, then it will become big stone hanging in neck. It is enough to sank you bottom of ocean. It is better to learn new thing always. Try to keep yourself with new technology, concept. Attained various seminar of other than you interest also. I may be once in while, but enough to make introduction to new way.

All above view's are mine, you may be not agree with me. Try to express yourself. Share your view. It may make help to many.

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ASBA facility save cumbersome of IPO refund

Monday, January 17, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Investing in IPO is proved best way to make profit as well as great way to maximise your capital in Indian stock market. My one of friend is master in IPO. He invest his money in IPO only. He have that much knowledge of IPO. After listing he will try sell them as quickly as possible and grab profit. He give thanks to ASBA facility. He admitted that due to ASBA if can make fast roll over of his money.

What is ASBA payment facility for IPO?

ASBA stands for " Application supported by blocked amount", what is it mean ?
ASBA is payment method for IPO beside conventional method of payment. ASBA introduced in 2008. Amount of application money required for IPO is blocked by bank. It means bank kept amount of IPO in his custody on behalf of company. Once IPO listed and share allot to individual investor. Then money will refund by bank who does not get share in IPO else those money in to concern company.

Like old method of payment you need not to wait for money if you does not get share. This facility not available all banks. It only available to SCSB banks. You can check NSE website.

You can not withdraw money once you applied for IPO. Investor have to account in SCSB. Investor can withdraw application of IPO before closing date. My friend use the account of ICICIDIRECT.

Ask to your broker for ASBA facility. It will save cumbersome of refund process.

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HOW moving average help you in trading?

Sunday, January 16, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


What is moving average ?
In market most odiou are very well aware to this concept. It is widely used and basic thing in the course of technical analysis. Always we ignore to simple things, chase behind of hard things. So I like remind you simple but sure working and importance of moving average.
Moving average nothing simple average closing prices. In stock analysis software you ever see with it like (12,26). If you haven't stock analysis software then you can check it on Yahoo Finance also with it's graph facility. Those above two values nothing but time. It may be in terms of minute, day and week. First value is short period of average for above example it is 12 day for me. Second value 26 is longer time period for average.

Most of you are aware about above description. Really what is purpose of those moving averages.

Moving average help us to decide trend of stock or indices. Combination of short and long period can help to change in trend. How ? Let's see when short period crosses to longer period goes downward. Then it says to us that market goes below longer average. So one can understand that trend is down and it is time to in short.
When Short period crosses to longer period of average then its time to buy. Those above two condition are conventional concept. In real there is some what alter. One indication of trend is lagging due to nature of moving average. This signal need confirmation from other signal like RSI and other.

Then what moving average provides?
Moving average give clear view of price without any whip-saw. It very well representation of price with sooth manner.

Moving average is base of various advance indicator like RSI, MACD, EXPONATIAL MOVING AVERAGE.

So I like to say to that before goes advance study of any stock, take moving average in account. It will help you to way of trend whether bullish or bearish.

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INDIAN investor can trade worldwide

Saturday, January 15, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In recent days SEBI open gate of prosperity and opportunity for Indian investor. Now Indian investor can trade in 24 major indices of worldwide indices, there are included popular indices like America, Europe and Asia.

Investor now able to trade on derivatives instrument of those indices. Those indices should be more than 100 billion USD capital. Those indices should to prove themselves on guideline of SEBI.

Those Indies are available to Indian investor in equivalent ruppes value.

So now Indian investor can harvest money from other economy which are companian to Indian economy in path of development. So it is time to study global market to act in Indian stock market as well as global stock market also. This move of SEBI make Indian investor more wise in financial sector. This is time to study thoroughly. Only knowledge can help us.
For more detailed check

Wish you Happy Makar Sankranti.

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6 TOP Real GEM Stock to buy in Indian stock market

Monday, January 3, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In new year continous positive rally of Indian stock market remain intact. Some stock are begin to divest their head from bearish to bullish.

I hear put down those stock for your attention. I am not say that buy those stock right now. You can choose them after your analysis and observation . If you hold then for short term, they should proved as real gem.


Keep watch on those stock and buy at right time. I think this is good time to choose them. Tell me your opinion. Strictly for short term with appropriate stop loss.

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