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List of Top stock for intraday

Monday, January 24, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


List of Top stock for intraday
There are different stocks are acting is hero time to time. So it become essential to update stock list timely. Some stock goes sleep of winter so it become essential to but those stock from list e.g SUZLON.

Below is list of stock for intraday ;
In 2011 keep eyes on IT sector as well as mobile industry. Gold sector is also attrac attractive one.

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Your job is not immortal; then how can survive? READ it..

Sunday, January 23, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Experienced is highly appreciated word on recruiting board of various businesses on last decade. It is still ruling on some sector. Now it have mixed flavour of burden while you are experienced. Most of time businesses feel financial burden to your age and experienced.

You may feel that I make afraid to you. I was come to some article on Economic Times where renown brand in field of cold beverage thought for acquiring new employee to replace older one (those are more experienced, so they have to say more money).

You may tell to yourself that is comman procedure. New one replace older one. I am not against of it. I just want to knock your head. It is matter of money.

Now come to my point, you can not stop process of aging. No one can stop it. In recent era job shifting become remedy for above problem. Every one has to out of market of labour one day. So I like to advise some points ;

Think about your skill, evalute them. You may become employer of thousand. If you have guts to start new business then it is time to start. It is better to take kick on your back provide job to thousands.

If you doesn't have that much capacity, then you must have to get good returns for you service. Don't hesitate to make bargain for you skill.

Save small early so you can face any problem which rise due to financial crisis.

Specialist in one field is great to earn in normal condition. If you may kick out from your field, then it will become big stone hanging in neck. It is enough to sank you bottom of ocean. It is better to learn new thing always. Try to keep yourself with new technology, concept. Attained various seminar of other than you interest also. I may be once in while, but enough to make introduction to new way.

All above view's are mine, you may be not agree with me. Try to express yourself. Share your view. It may make help to many.

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ASBA facility save cumbersome of IPO refund

Monday, January 17, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Investing in IPO is proved best way to make profit as well as great way to maximise your capital in Indian stock market. My one of friend is master in IPO. He invest his money in IPO only. He have that much knowledge of IPO. After listing he will try sell them as quickly as possible and grab profit. He give thanks to ASBA facility. He admitted that due to ASBA if can make fast roll over of his money.

What is ASBA payment facility for IPO?

ASBA stands for " Application supported by blocked amount", what is it mean ?
ASBA is payment method for IPO beside conventional method of payment. ASBA introduced in 2008. Amount of application money required for IPO is blocked by bank. It means bank kept amount of IPO in his custody on behalf of company. Once IPO listed and share allot to individual investor. Then money will refund by bank who does not get share in IPO else those money in to concern company.

Like old method of payment you need not to wait for money if you does not get share. This facility not available all banks. It only available to SCSB banks. You can check NSE website.

You can not withdraw money once you applied for IPO. Investor have to account in SCSB. Investor can withdraw application of IPO before closing date. My friend use the account of ICICIDIRECT.

Ask to your broker for ASBA facility. It will save cumbersome of refund process.

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HOW moving average help you in trading?

Sunday, January 16, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


What is moving average ?
In market most odiou are very well aware to this concept. It is widely used and basic thing in the course of technical analysis. Always we ignore to simple things, chase behind of hard things. So I like remind you simple but sure working and importance of moving average.
Moving average nothing simple average closing prices. In stock analysis software you ever see with it like (12,26). If you haven't stock analysis software then you can check it on Yahoo Finance also with it's graph facility. Those above two values nothing but time. It may be in terms of minute, day and week. First value is short period of average for above example it is 12 day for me. Second value 26 is longer time period for average.

Most of you are aware about above description. Really what is purpose of those moving averages.

Moving average help us to decide trend of stock or indices. Combination of short and long period can help to change in trend. How ? Let's see when short period crosses to longer period goes downward. Then it says to us that market goes below longer average. So one can understand that trend is down and it is time to in short.
When Short period crosses to longer period of average then its time to buy. Those above two condition are conventional concept. In real there is some what alter. One indication of trend is lagging due to nature of moving average. This signal need confirmation from other signal like RSI and other.

Then what moving average provides?
Moving average give clear view of price without any whip-saw. It very well representation of price with sooth manner.

Moving average is base of various advance indicator like RSI, MACD, EXPONATIAL MOVING AVERAGE.

So I like to say to that before goes advance study of any stock, take moving average in account. It will help you to way of trend whether bullish or bearish.

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INDIAN investor can trade worldwide

Saturday, January 15, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In recent days SEBI open gate of prosperity and opportunity for Indian investor. Now Indian investor can trade in 24 major indices of worldwide indices, there are included popular indices like America, Europe and Asia.

Investor now able to trade on derivatives instrument of those indices. Those indices should be more than 100 billion USD capital. Those indices should to prove themselves on guideline of SEBI.

Those Indies are available to Indian investor in equivalent ruppes value.

So now Indian investor can harvest money from other economy which are companian to Indian economy in path of development. So it is time to study global market to act in Indian stock market as well as global stock market also. This move of SEBI make Indian investor more wise in financial sector. This is time to study thoroughly. Only knowledge can help us.
For more detailed check

Wish you Happy Makar Sankranti.

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6 TOP Real GEM Stock to buy in Indian stock market

Monday, January 3, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In new year continous positive rally of Indian stock market remain intact. Some stock are begin to divest their head from bearish to bullish.

I hear put down those stock for your attention. I am not say that buy those stock right now. You can choose them after your analysis and observation . If you hold then for short term, they should proved as real gem.


Keep watch on those stock and buy at right time. I think this is good time to choose them. Tell me your opinion. Strictly for short term with appropriate stop loss.

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