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Your job is not immortal; then how can survive? READ it..

Sunday, January 23, 2011 | | |


Experienced is highly appreciated word on recruiting board of various businesses on last decade. It is still ruling on some sector. Now it have mixed flavour of burden while you are experienced. Most of time businesses feel financial burden to your age and experienced.

You may feel that I make afraid to you. I was come to some article on Economic Times where renown brand in field of cold beverage thought for acquiring new employee to replace older one (those are more experienced, so they have to say more money).

You may tell to yourself that is comman procedure. New one replace older one. I am not against of it. I just want to knock your head. It is matter of money.

Now come to my point, you can not stop process of aging. No one can stop it. In recent era job shifting become remedy for above problem. Every one has to out of market of labour one day. So I like to advise some points ;

Think about your skill, evalute them. You may become employer of thousand. If you have guts to start new business then it is time to start. It is better to take kick on your back provide job to thousands.

If you doesn't have that much capacity, then you must have to get good returns for you service. Don't hesitate to make bargain for you skill.

Save small early so you can face any problem which rise due to financial crisis.

Specialist in one field is great to earn in normal condition. If you may kick out from your field, then it will become big stone hanging in neck. It is enough to sank you bottom of ocean. It is better to learn new thing always. Try to keep yourself with new technology, concept. Attained various seminar of other than you interest also. I may be once in while, but enough to make introduction to new way.

All above view's are mine, you may be not agree with me. Try to express yourself. Share your view. It may make help to many.

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