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Upcoming Topics on Market and Forecasting

Saturday, February 26, 2011 | | |


My last few topics were over technical analysis. It is remind me always that I have to give some more to my reader. I am in doubt, Is this is right time to say about this.

It is not the matter of hiding. It is matter of time. It is matter of understanding. Now I am decided to write on those topic which are apart from fundamental analysis. Those seems near to Technical analysis, but it is merely not technical analysis. It is time comsuming techniques. Those techniques may be some time feel just shoot arrow towards star. I like to advice you. If you have time and patience, then only go through upcoming topics else ignore it. Ignorance may not harmful to you. If you are leave study in between, it will cause of waste of your valuable time in market.

In next upcoming days I started serious of topic on Gann analysis. Most of investor not aware about this GANN analysis. If you know that term, then also this topics enhance your knowledge. You can also share your knowledge with reader. So be ready for new ( not new but forgetted) door of forecasting.

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