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How to rid problem of forgetting ?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Habit of forget is human tendqncy. Most of us usally forget important dates and days like birthday of friend ,wife. This thing happen to every one , may be ones in life but surely. This may not call as habit of forgetting. God gifted this thing to make our life beautiful. Recall someone fire you in past.Those memories are painful, aren't it?. In those painful cases, feel good to fotget. Those painful momoent disappear over time.
In this way forgetting things life worse also. One on example forgetting important dates may cause of loss. If you have debit on credit card then you are very well aware how costly and missrable affair to forget.Once you miss your monthly installment, then those recovery guys make your month worse.

If you are prone to forget like me, first upon accept it.
I am not memory not tutor. I have not own any enhance program. I come up with this problem with try and error method. I am experimenting myself to rid this problem of forgetting.

How one can avoid habit of forgetting?
On above para of this article , I had write that forget is gift of God. Then how can one eliminate this thing from life, rather than I think to avoid to forget important things. So I can forget painful events of my life easily by practise as well as I should not face problem to forget important things like date of paid payment of life insurance.

I had adopt simple habits, which counter act to my problem. First important thing, I had adopt habit to write down important things as note in diary with proper notation and priority.Note down thing , before you should forget.

I like to help of my mobile for very important moment remembering. I had use alarm and calendar of mobile to mark thing. So this gadget easily helps me to remind on time.

I had start play mobile game. Mobile game like brain challenger to make sharp your brain, so easily rid the habit of forget.

Do yoga. Deep medatation calm your mind to accept things from outer world. On deep relaxation one can easily understand and memories thing easily. Yoga helps you to release stress. So our brain regain energy from our exhustive life style.
You can consult to your physician, if you have crucial habit of forget,

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Mystical movement in SUZLON

Monday, March 14, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


On 14 Mar 2011 SUZLON was traded with mystical volume. Average volume of SUZLON is not above 15000000 to 20000000 from last few months. I say mystical because volume touches vi Mark of 60000000 easily. My point is that even though huge volume. SUZLON remain three percent negative. On another side Nifty makes higher top on Greed side.

There is rumor of bulk deal of 4 cr. Shares . It may be true SUZLON counter start to show buying interest. My short term view on SUZLON is very bullish with stoploss of 42. It may zoom in next three months. It may be earlier than this also if market condition will favorable.

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What is similiar between INDIAN ECONOMY and SACHIN TENDULKAR?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


What is similiar between Sachin Tendukar ?
I never think before in this manner, but when I am reading article of Times of India, I am amazed with author of article. Such brilliant idea come in his mind and well narrated by author of this article.

As per this article Indian economy both start to take off from 1990. In this way this article tells you about Indian econmy and Sachin Tendulkar. I like to advise my reader. Must read this article. Here

Now come on floor of market, today Indian market make high jump. It is very big jump from last month. It is good sign.
After big correction from the level of 6300. It is good sign, after financial budget.

At last Suzlon which was my yesterday tips for short term, zoom today almost 7%. I feel good for my reader if they harness good money in intraday. If you are buying it, then hold it for good profit.

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