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What is similiar between INDIAN ECONOMY and SACHIN TENDULKAR?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 | | |


What is similiar between Sachin Tendukar ?
I never think before in this manner, but when I am reading article of Times of India, I am amazed with author of article. Such brilliant idea come in his mind and well narrated by author of this article.

As per this article Indian economy both start to take off from 1990. In this way this article tells you about Indian econmy and Sachin Tendulkar. I like to advise my reader. Must read this article. Here

Now come on floor of market, today Indian market make high jump. It is very big jump from last month. It is good sign.
After big correction from the level of 6300. It is good sign, after financial budget.

At last Suzlon which was my yesterday tips for short term, zoom today almost 7%. I feel good for my reader if they harness good money in intraday. If you are buying it, then hold it for good profit.

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