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Overworking is slowly grows in India

Saturday, April 30, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


As economy grows in India, work load on employees also increase. New work culture are slowly establish in India. Service Industries is become first choice of youth. So called five digit salary is main reason to attraction of youth towards service industry. Not only service industry most of sector now overflood with youth.

This is become competition reason midle age and youth in work place. Experiance become secondary due to new sector like software, call center. Those are reason of uncertinity of job. People start to perform more than each other. They now need more time on work to secure their place as well as job.

Slowely this become culture of overoworking. Employee feel great time with work and collegue. Late night parties as target complition reward become necessary to show their presense in company. Those unnessary thing become first priorities of many. In those comdition they are start to away from family.

This is become social problem. So many crimes like sucide, divorce are some drawback of over working. It is need to think in corporate world either they need healty employee or mentally frustrated. So many times, I personally found that overtime for work can not give efficency. Rather than cool and calm mind can perform well on another hand.

We are never too late as we start to take first step. Overwoking cause so many problem itn society. There is need to ask yourself first, how many time you eat with your family in last week?, Are you play or sit with children in last week? Those simple question give status of your own to your mind.

Then what can you do, work is also necessary. I dosen't meant that you leave your job. Just slight change can help you.

Compition is necessary, but what cost? Decide yourself.
Better way to learn say to "No" politely.
Avoid over time spendimg after office hour.
Don't carry office work to home.
Do meditation.
Develope your hobbies. Develope extra skill rather than your routine. It will help you from strain of job loss. You are very well aware story of recession.
Keep your family on highest priority.

Hope this article help you if you do overwork or prevent from overworked.

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India will be next SUPER POWER, Don't underestimate current Super power USA?

Friday, April 29, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


India will be next SUPER POWER, Don't underestimate current Super power USA?

From last decade to till date, media and so called market expert are make gloomy painting of shine India. As companion with them media also give air to this fire. As usual from hawker to businessmen also start to change mindset. They also feel that there hugry stommach are filled with those dream. I am not against India's economic development. But last week I had read some facts about current Super power and other developing nation like India. One of newpaper come with some facts and figure. I don't want to republish those.

This article publish on occasion of BRICS (BRAZIL,RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA). Those wise analyst compare USA's economy with BRICS nation. As per those figure, summation of BRICS ECONOMY is near to 11 trillion dollar and USA stands for 15 trillion dollar. Now you are wise, think!!

BRICS nations economy are having load of heavy population among them China and India are on top. USA only feeds to 26 crore people. Then there is big gap between USA and India.

India have scope to go with fast space. There weakness that is population is may become there strength, only if we ard work. Economy grows, no one come to you to give your pie. You have to work for it.

This article write to wake up my brothers and sisters, we have to march ahead. There are still 1000 miles to go, so better way start with single step rather than day dreaming.

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Indian Stock Market: What will moves of NIFTY in 2011-2012?

Thursday, April 21, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In Indian market as trader so many waiting for Big Bull rally including me( But I am very well aware that market not moves as per my wish).

Then what will happen in Indian stock market in next upcoming year. As studing Indian stock market technically, I like to forecast, to test my own view about market. That is not neccessary, all those will be 100% accurate. Most of times, I am forgetting my own ideas overtime. So it is better way to jolt it down on paper. So I found this new idea to write article with companion to jolting. Write article has another benefit, you will get new views about same thing via comments( There is lot of spamming on net, it is another story).

Okay, then what will be Nifty in 2012? It is not necessary that your guess or forecast will be 100% right. If your are trading in Nifty or Indian stock market, then you must have some raw concept about your own index. Your index is barometer of countries economy. Own individual state of mind are represent your development and faith in your economy. So with those ideal, I had studies last week. Some intresting things come in front me. I like very much to study maket technically. It is my passion. Due to study in technical analysis my life touch to various aspect of life. Come to point, I like to share with you, some my observation of my study of Nifty INDEX. I like to avoid to say it forecast of Nifty. I like to say my view about Nifty. There may chances to deviation or absolutely fail. So just read with plain mind. Before act in market, act with your mind.

In remaining 2011 to 2012 Nifty will not cross it's life time high. In this period Nifty act sideway. It bound to level of 5200-6350. It is not thing for nervous. It is oppourtunity to take short trade, rather go long. Nifty will try to make base for big move afterward June 2012. There is chances of breakout after 18 June 2012. It is time to make preparation of game plan in dressing room before big Bull rally.

What is your view? Feel free to your view about Nifty, even though you may not agree with me.

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Monday, April 11, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


From last few days two stock are come on my radar. I found them in buying mode. Below all are views are mine. You have to act accordingly your own brain.

Orbit Corporation
This stock slip from month ago from level of 80 to 50. It test support level of 50 and jump almost 60. Now it's float with market near to 55. One can buy with stoploss of 50. (If you are think for buy, then I like advise you that buy in bearable quanitity. Do not overload your truck.)

This is another counter opposite to Orbit. Month ago it is on level of 80. Now it on 120. It able to crucial level of 100. Remain good track with even negative market weather. It will zoom good when market turn to green. It is once fast moving stock with very high price almost it work 1200 in last few year ago.

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Market Rumors... And there impact



Market Rumors... And there impact...
In market every day come with rumors. Market always spreading and benefiting from rumors. Many investor as well as trader are loose there money due to various rumors which are spreading in market.Market is place where imaginztion, dreams, fear are alive every moment. One are come in market to not only earn money but also prove themselves special one with higher IQ.

Market always lure to money due to easy earning. You know very well that money can not walk, some one come with money . Those person may be you or me. That is not matter to money who brought money in stock matket. There is always game of hope and lossing hope. Emotions are changing with every tick of Nifty or your desire stock. In such cloudy envoirment, rumors are cause of shaking ground, distract sand below foot of trader. Rumor's source is always mystical as they themselves. Some rumors are become headline of newspaper as they become true, some disappear and grabbing lot of money from hand of investor and trader. Rumors appear on horizon of stock market like Tsunami. It is very small at it's center, wiyh passing of time it's amplitude and impact are increase heavily. Sprut in volume may find on stock counter. Rumors appears suddenly.

It is always better to use own brain and coolness while deal with rumor. I know you are witness of India's victory in ICC Cricket world cup 2011, you can how Mr. DHONI deal with pressure condition. Same way you have to behave in stock market with rumors, Don't underestimte rumors. Always use stoploss while ride
on rumor. Always keep in mind that rumor may be true or false, so always use stoploss whild dealing rumors. Profit booking is also very important. Rumor can come up with earning oppourtunity, so you dosen't know how long rumors impact in market. So always book profit as it make positivd to your portfolio. Don't affraid to rumors, rather try to understand them.

Hope this little discussion might help you in market to earn good money.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


This is reminder for my readers about my short term recommandation. SUZLON which is recommanded before few days ago. So it is time to zoom for this counter. If you were miss the opporutnity before, then better buy it on any deep. It will give good benefit to you in upcoming days. Wait is over now.

Accumalation of Suzlon is over now. It will zoom in very near future. If you are existing investor and feel that you were trapped on this counter, then my humble advice is , "Be firm for some more time."

This is reminder for my reader. Decision is your. I am not force you to buy. You can wait and watch. Just keep in corner of mind.

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