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India will be next SUPER POWER, Don't underestimate current Super power USA?

Friday, April 29, 2011 | | |


India will be next SUPER POWER, Don't underestimate current Super power USA?

From last decade to till date, media and so called market expert are make gloomy painting of shine India. As companion with them media also give air to this fire. As usual from hawker to businessmen also start to change mindset. They also feel that there hugry stommach are filled with those dream. I am not against India's economic development. But last week I had read some facts about current Super power and other developing nation like India. One of newpaper come with some facts and figure. I don't want to republish those.

This article publish on occasion of BRICS (BRAZIL,RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA). Those wise analyst compare USA's economy with BRICS nation. As per those figure, summation of BRICS ECONOMY is near to 11 trillion dollar and USA stands for 15 trillion dollar. Now you are wise, think!!

BRICS nations economy are having load of heavy population among them China and India are on top. USA only feeds to 26 crore people. Then there is big gap between USA and India.

India have scope to go with fast space. There weakness that is population is may become there strength, only if we ard work. Economy grows, no one come to you to give your pie. You have to work for it.

This article write to wake up my brothers and sisters, we have to march ahead. There are still 1000 miles to go, so better way start with single step rather than day dreaming.

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