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Indian Stock Market: What will moves of NIFTY in 2011-2012?

Thursday, April 21, 2011 | | |


In Indian market as trader so many waiting for Big Bull rally including me( But I am very well aware that market not moves as per my wish).

Then what will happen in Indian stock market in next upcoming year. As studing Indian stock market technically, I like to forecast, to test my own view about market. That is not neccessary, all those will be 100% accurate. Most of times, I am forgetting my own ideas overtime. So it is better way to jolt it down on paper. So I found this new idea to write article with companion to jolting. Write article has another benefit, you will get new views about same thing via comments( There is lot of spamming on net, it is another story).

Okay, then what will be Nifty in 2012? It is not necessary that your guess or forecast will be 100% right. If your are trading in Nifty or Indian stock market, then you must have some raw concept about your own index. Your index is barometer of countries economy. Own individual state of mind are represent your development and faith in your economy. So with those ideal, I had studies last week. Some intresting things come in front me. I like very much to study maket technically. It is my passion. Due to study in technical analysis my life touch to various aspect of life. Come to point, I like to share with you, some my observation of my study of Nifty INDEX. I like to avoid to say it forecast of Nifty. I like to say my view about Nifty. There may chances to deviation or absolutely fail. So just read with plain mind. Before act in market, act with your mind.

In remaining 2011 to 2012 Nifty will not cross it's life time high. In this period Nifty act sideway. It bound to level of 5200-6350. It is not thing for nervous. It is oppourtunity to take short trade, rather go long. Nifty will try to make base for big move afterward June 2012. There is chances of breakout after 18 June 2012. It is time to make preparation of game plan in dressing room before big Bull rally.

What is your view? Feel free to your view about Nifty, even though you may not agree with me.

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