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Market Rumors... And there impact

Monday, April 11, 2011 | | |


Market Rumors... And there impact...
In market every day come with rumors. Market always spreading and benefiting from rumors. Many investor as well as trader are loose there money due to various rumors which are spreading in market.Market is place where imaginztion, dreams, fear are alive every moment. One are come in market to not only earn money but also prove themselves special one with higher IQ.

Market always lure to money due to easy earning. You know very well that money can not walk, some one come with money . Those person may be you or me. That is not matter to money who brought money in stock matket. There is always game of hope and lossing hope. Emotions are changing with every tick of Nifty or your desire stock. In such cloudy envoirment, rumors are cause of shaking ground, distract sand below foot of trader. Rumor's source is always mystical as they themselves. Some rumors are become headline of newspaper as they become true, some disappear and grabbing lot of money from hand of investor and trader. Rumors appear on horizon of stock market like Tsunami. It is very small at it's center, wiyh passing of time it's amplitude and impact are increase heavily. Sprut in volume may find on stock counter. Rumors appears suddenly.

It is always better to use own brain and coolness while deal with rumor. I know you are witness of India's victory in ICC Cricket world cup 2011, you can how Mr. DHONI deal with pressure condition. Same way you have to behave in stock market with rumors, Don't underestimte rumors. Always use stoploss while ride
on rumor. Always keep in mind that rumor may be true or false, so always use stoploss whild dealing rumors. Profit booking is also very important. Rumor can come up with earning oppourtunity, so you dosen't know how long rumors impact in market. So always book profit as it make positivd to your portfolio. Don't affraid to rumors, rather try to understand them.

Hope this little discussion might help you in market to earn good money.

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