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Overworking is slowly grows in India

Saturday, April 30, 2011 | | |


As economy grows in India, work load on employees also increase. New work culture are slowly establish in India. Service Industries is become first choice of youth. So called five digit salary is main reason to attraction of youth towards service industry. Not only service industry most of sector now overflood with youth.

This is become competition reason midle age and youth in work place. Experiance become secondary due to new sector like software, call center. Those are reason of uncertinity of job. People start to perform more than each other. They now need more time on work to secure their place as well as job.

Slowely this become culture of overoworking. Employee feel great time with work and collegue. Late night parties as target complition reward become necessary to show their presense in company. Those unnessary thing become first priorities of many. In those comdition they are start to away from family.

This is become social problem. So many crimes like sucide, divorce are some drawback of over working. It is need to think in corporate world either they need healty employee or mentally frustrated. So many times, I personally found that overtime for work can not give efficency. Rather than cool and calm mind can perform well on another hand.

We are never too late as we start to take first step. Overwoking cause so many problem itn society. There is need to ask yourself first, how many time you eat with your family in last week?, Are you play or sit with children in last week? Those simple question give status of your own to your mind.

Then what can you do, work is also necessary. I dosen't meant that you leave your job. Just slight change can help you.

Compition is necessary, but what cost? Decide yourself.
Better way to learn say to "No" politely.
Avoid over time spendimg after office hour.
Don't carry office work to home.
Do meditation.
Develope your hobbies. Develope extra skill rather than your routine. It will help you from strain of job loss. You are very well aware story of recession.
Keep your family on highest priority.

Hope this article help you if you do overwork or prevent from overworked.

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