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Prepare yourself To WIN Against Worst In Stock Market

Thursday, June 30, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Market is always place of Risk. Most of Investors are aware about RISK. Some events are expected as we think while some are more disastrous. We can not guess time of occurrences as well as their effect on our portfolio. They are more investment sucker than we are thought about them. One just can’t imagine their effects on our daily life. Awareness  and consideration of Risk for some degree is always keep in account  by investor as well as trader, but what could you do, if disastrous moment are more than your thinking?
Most of investor of world are very well aware fall of 2007 and 2008. Those moments are just coming. Slowdown in economy is not expected by investor. New investor generation were not aware about fall like this hell. All the profits, which come from last five year were swept away in month. Nobody wants those miserable time in life, but they occurs without any notice.
Then how could prevent from losses and minimize losses?
Everyone agree that no one can predict future moment at present. We can prevent from worst by simple steps.
Those steps are as follows;

  • Know your investment behavior

Judge yourself. what kind of investor or trader you? Your behavior towards your investment can easy tool to find out associated RISK for your investment.

  • Learn future from past

Future can be predicted from past and present.  There may be it is little more dusty, but some what close. For e.g. If you are buried seed of mango tree under soil, then you very well know that mango tree will come out from it. No other tree like apple or some thing comes out from mango seed. That means your defined future. (There may be chances of various condition and chances in it, but there always mango tree will grow.)

  • Keep low volume
 Always invest with small steps of volume. No matter if you are trader, just start and end with small volume. Good earning with small volume can be possible. Small volume may save your brokerage and minimize risk. Rather than buying and selling on huge list of stock, try to handle few counters at time. It will always easy to track few stocks at time.

  • Make your homework first
For tomorrow trading or next investment move always do homework.  Study various charts volume and price. It will gives idea about market condition and various other information. 

  • Keep Second option

Do not put all eggs in single basket. Always spread money other field, which are you know very well. It will be next earning source for you in worst condition. Market is good for earn money and fast to lose money.  So always keep some money in another investment instrument where RISK is low. Do not touch that money in good period.
I don’t want to serve you heavy dose of DO’s and Don’t.  Above writing words are same applying to me also. I am also tried to follow them. I did so many mistake in past. So I am also trying to learn with you. It is very simple way to learn with so many my readers. I like it very much.  
Hope this article is found informative and useful to you. Keep visiting to Money Drives Life for more information various topic. You may suggest various topic to make Money Drives Life best.

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Why Nifty doesn't show clear trend?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


In Indian stock market, today Nifty had moved in definite band. Yet Nifty doesn't show any clear trend for trader even though. There is so many reason of no clear trend in market.  Greek Debt Crisis is one of macro economical problem on the horizon of world of finance. This crisis is worst hit the world. There is 48 hour general strike in Greek . There is election on austerity note (Whether cut of spending of Greek Govt. spending or not). There is two clear group among them. One think that there is urgent need to minimize spending of govt., in oppose them one group think already two many strict rules were followed  by there govt. and stimulus package is not even enough to boost there economy.

What will be the effect of Greek Crisis of emerging economies like India?
This question is arises in my mind same like you. After searching and reading much news and article, I am come to some conclusion. Those conclusions are purely my view on current information. You view may differ or actual condition may other. Before goes for any investment decision, go for professional advice.  
Greek Crisis is pressurized the economy of Euro Zone. There is huge pressure on Euro. So country like France is in front to support Greek Government. Now this aid totally depends upon the austerity note election. Who knows how much size of debt? So there will be requirement of good size of stimulus package.
If Euro slides, then dollar will gain weight again. So these will good for Indian software industry, in other front India should pay high for import.
So those conditions are created so many pressures on whole world. Particularly emerging economies are cautious.  So keep track of Global financial horizon. If there is any good news, then market will define it’s trend. Even you should keep on eye on Nifty. If Nifty able to close tomorrow above 5565, there should be good chances to bull trend back in market.

I hope this article is found informative to you. Till then keep visiting. You can subscribe our feed to read through email.

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Nifty Come back with New ZEST, Raise 151 point

Friday, June 24, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty come back with new zest after closing on 5320 on 23 June 2011,  today Nifty raise 151 point from 5320. If you are my regular reader, then you are witnessed of my last article.(I am not consistent writer. I am sorry for that. Right and accurate prediction takes time. I don’t want to give reason for lack of consistency.  I am writing article, when I feel I am accurate and confident. ) You can check my last article on Nifty prediction (That article come with very good accuracy.)
Okay Nifty shows his power today. Nifty now crosses 5320 with greater force. Now next resistance for upcoming Bull Run wills 5565. This is last point where trend of Nifty can convert from bearish to bullish on short term as well as long term basis.
If this Nifty is not able to close above on this point in this month of JUNE 2011, then negative trend remain in head of trader till SEPTEMBER 2011.

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NIFTY PREDICTION FOR 23 JUNE 2011 & Near Short Term

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


As in my last article on Nifty Trend, we were talking about Nifty trend.We are very good at prediction on Nifty. I don't like to any claim on our success of predicting/. We can say that this time we were on right track. Nifty prove that we were on right track. okay.. This celebration of successes must be over. Come on the point.

Then what will Nifty in end of June? What will short term trend of
Indian stock market? 

So now time to concentrate on our target and study for accurate prediction.

My some observation of Nifty (spot), you must consider them before come
to any conclusion of your own study.

  • Nifty has crucial Resistance at 5320.

If Nifty able to cross 5320 on closing basis, then only we can think for change in trend.

  • Nifty is bearish on short term basis as well as long term basis.

  • Nifty not achieved bottom. From 23 June 2011 it may come with some buying but end of month it again come to bearish side.

Hope you understand my meaning.. 

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Nifty view for week of 13 June- 17 June 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011 | Labels: , , | 0 Comments |


In last week view Nifty Levels,  we were on some conclusion. If you were thoroughly watch market then market is unable to close above 5565 as per our analysi that’s why it didn’t go for next journey. We were on very right track. I hope that last article help you to earn very good sum.

Nifty’s weekly view is showed the consolidation in nifty shows from second half of February to till month of June. In Indian stock market, Nifty are looking at decision point for long term. Over all trend of Nifty looks me on weekly chart is on Negative side. Bulls are looking with less energy, even with those low levels of Nifty. They are not enthusiastic to buy on this cloudy situation for long term. This phenomenon denoted point of my last MAJOR TREND prediction for Nifty in Indian stock market.

In daily view Nifty market Nifty makes good gain from the 5328-5600. This gain almost of 300 points from low point, but after that in last three days of trading week traders were preferred to sell and book out profit.
Then obviously one knows, “Where will be Nifty in next week of 13 June- 17 June?”. For this matter I like to take support from intraday data of last week of Nifty. In last week volatility of Nifty is very low. Even with cloudy condition form weekly and Daily chart Nifty shows positive opening on Monday13 June. If Nifty able to close on above 5515 Monday 13 June, then we can expect next two trading session Nifty in positive. Over conclusion of above all analysis, I like to attract your attention on one point that in last two trading session on next week Nifty will witness of heavy fall.

If Nifty goes in positive, then Larsen & Tubro, ITC, Zee Ltd, HDFC BANK and TCS will be supporter for Nifty. They are in very good position to support.

Hope this article helps you in trading. After all trading is very serious business in the world with high risk. So before act you must study present environment in market. Past data are helpful to direction, but it is unable to show you pits of roads while you journey. Some time small pit can be big valley and vice-versa.

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Nifty view for week of 6 June- 10 June 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty 30 May-3 June 1
Nifty was bottom out on 5340. You can read about rally in my article of What will Nifty June 20011? . As per this article Nifty is not able to breach level of 5320. So this rally were of short covering in market last week.
In last week Nifty make move of 5450-5600. Nifty try to break level of 5600, but slips as pressure of profit booking. In last session of last week Nifty breaks 5600 for movement, from there huge selling is occur due to last day of week.
In coming week as per above graph some prediction are as below;
In graph we are plotting parallel trend line. If Nifty opens above 5565, then only there is a chance to bull rally in market in short time view. If Nifty able to close above 5600 level then momentum of Nifty will convert to positive form negative.
If this not occurs, then grip of BEAR becomes strong.
Hope this little article helps you to earn money in Indian stock market.

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25 TOP Buzzing STOCKS , Must Be Under Your Eyes

Thursday, June 2, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Buzzing stock which must be under your eyes

Following are stock your can use for your trading need. You can use
use this list of stock for your convenience in trading. You must first
that you have to follow the proper trend of those stock. Those stock
are highly volatile and risky, but intraday player are always use such
stock for their bet. Such stock are basic need of intraday trading.
After all your can not touch dump stock, which does not move with
respective to stock market Index like NIFTY and SENSEX.

  1. Mahindra Satyam
  2. Suzlon
  3. Dish TV
  4. MCDowell
  5. Ranbaxy
  6. Bharti AIrtel
  7. ITC
  8. Hindalco
  9. L & T
  10. Skumar
  11. Glenmark
  12. Educomp
  13. Zee Ltd.
  14. Inda Infoline
  15. HDFC Bank
  16. Arvind
  17. NIIT Ltd.
  18. Sintex
  19. TCS
  20. HCL Tech
  21. DCB
  22. Hindustan Petrolium
  23. Kalindee
  24. Apollo Tyre
  25.  ABG Shipyard

This stock presented here for information purpose. If you want to use them in
your trading activity, your have to do your own analysis. You have to use
your power of decision which is hidden in your own mind.

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