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Why Nifty doesn't show clear trend?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | | |


In Indian stock market, today Nifty had moved in definite band. Yet Nifty doesn't show any clear trend for trader even though. There is so many reason of no clear trend in market.  Greek Debt Crisis is one of macro economical problem on the horizon of world of finance. This crisis is worst hit the world. There is 48 hour general strike in Greek . There is election on austerity note (Whether cut of spending of Greek Govt. spending or not). There is two clear group among them. One think that there is urgent need to minimize spending of govt., in oppose them one group think already two many strict rules were followed  by there govt. and stimulus package is not even enough to boost there economy.

What will be the effect of Greek Crisis of emerging economies like India?
This question is arises in my mind same like you. After searching and reading much news and article, I am come to some conclusion. Those conclusions are purely my view on current information. You view may differ or actual condition may other. Before goes for any investment decision, go for professional advice.  
Greek Crisis is pressurized the economy of Euro Zone. There is huge pressure on Euro. So country like France is in front to support Greek Government. Now this aid totally depends upon the austerity note election. Who knows how much size of debt? So there will be requirement of good size of stimulus package.
If Euro slides, then dollar will gain weight again. So these will good for Indian software industry, in other front India should pay high for import.
So those conditions are created so many pressures on whole world. Particularly emerging economies are cautious.  So keep track of Global financial horizon. If there is any good news, then market will define it’s trend. Even you should keep on eye on Nifty. If Nifty able to close tomorrow above 5565, there should be good chances to bull trend back in market.

I hope this article is found informative to you. Till then keep visiting. You can subscribe our feed to read through email.

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