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Why we are loose money on RIGHT decision? & What will be Nifty's next move?,

Thursday, July 21, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Why we are loose money on RIGHT decision?
Nifty is most volatile thing. No one can predict till it on 100%. We can try to analyze it and come to some conclusion near to right one. I am studying Nifty since long. Some time my result come 60-80% accurate (This is my own view for myself..You may be seemed different.). It is only like joke Nifty prediction.  I am studying Nifty on closing basis. So the results are more fit to short term as well as long term. Intraday on my view is quite risky one.  

In Nifty it is very difficult me also to trade. Prediction of price is one thing and movement and emotional factor is also involved in real time. If you ever predict any trend of any instrument, then you may witnessed of following sentences like, “ My prediction was 100% accurate, but I sell position due to opposite surge in your instrument price.”  Those surge, those emotional mixer moment is very hard to digest in real time, when you are watching any price moment in real time.  Most of time we just miss position like due to emotion and time also. It is like darkest time in night is come before dawn.  That is moment we just loose patience.
Trader are very well aware, “what I telling about?” Long term investor also faces this situation but they are stand due to there long term nature and risk digestive appetite.

In this way even though we have taken RIGHT decision, still we are loosing money due to emotional and timing factor.

 What will be Nifty's next move?
Now come to point in Nifty, if you are regular reader, then you very well aware about level of 5565 in article of “Why Nifty doesn’t show clear trend?". This level is broke today on closing basis.  This condition is still in market.  Nifty may face choppy session on Friday also. In next week there are chances to break this choppy session.  We can hope of clear trend in next week.
This my analysis about Nifty. Here I am avoiding giving any figure for last day of week. Initially I am telling that I am studying Nifty on short term basis. Till the breakout, we have to wait. On Monday could be upper side breakout chances in Indian stock market. We can use harness money, this breakout by buying call in this worst condition. (Use your brain to take decis)ion.
Keep joining here. So we can share view about Nifty and other stock market on Money Drives Life. You can also share view with our reader here.

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Great thoughts for great life

Sunday, July 17, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


"Doing is very good, but that comes from thinking.....

Fill the brain, therefore, with high thoughts, highest ideals, place them day and night before you, out of that will come great work"-
-Swami Vivekananda
We all have come to here with certain purpose, it is another matter we dosen't know our goal. For this unconscious state of mind above quote helps. Doing something is always important, it helps us to findout our goal. Doing comes from our thinking. Every action is product of our thought. This thing very well aware by Swami Vivekananda. That's why they teach us fill our brain highest thoughts and ideals so output of great thing always be great.

Hope this simple quote fill our life with great work in our life. So our family and our society feel proud on us.

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Major Hurdle of Nifty Relay Rally

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Indian matket seems be in very confusing stage. Trader in puzzle mind state. Nifty plays on high and low waves. This condition cause is waste of money (particular in option segment). There is nothing seen clear in those hazy days. Then what should be move of Nifty in upcoming future? While thinking about future of Nifty from this particular stage, we should take some broad point consideration.

Current Global condition and Indian economy
Current global condition on Economic front is try to stabilize after recession. Still so many affected area of recession era comes in front of global financial policy maker.
E.g. Greece debt crisis
There is still another rumor in Europe, Italy may face financial problem.
In this global condition it is very tough to walk towards two eight GDP to India. In positive side of Indian economy, Indian economy were less affected by global disaster still. So moves of Indian economy seen firm towards future.

Inflation is one of the problem in front of most of emerging economy . India also not away from this problem. In one hand government try to try to minimise inflation by hike in interest rate, another side those effort sweep out by make hike in prices of fuel.
In this way inflation still appear big problem. Indian economist try to handle those problem with greater effort and talent.

Rain in India
No one can deny importance of monsoon in India. India is agriculture based economy. So monsoon is most important factor in movement of Nifty.
Those are the major hurdle in path of Nifty.

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