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Major Hurdle of Nifty Relay Rally

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 | | |


Indian matket seems be in very confusing stage. Trader in puzzle mind state. Nifty plays on high and low waves. This condition cause is waste of money (particular in option segment). There is nothing seen clear in those hazy days. Then what should be move of Nifty in upcoming future? While thinking about future of Nifty from this particular stage, we should take some broad point consideration.

Current Global condition and Indian economy
Current global condition on Economic front is try to stabilize after recession. Still so many affected area of recession era comes in front of global financial policy maker.
E.g. Greece debt crisis
There is still another rumor in Europe, Italy may face financial problem.
In this global condition it is very tough to walk towards two eight GDP to India. In positive side of Indian economy, Indian economy were less affected by global disaster still. So moves of Indian economy seen firm towards future.

Inflation is one of the problem in front of most of emerging economy . India also not away from this problem. In one hand government try to try to minimise inflation by hike in interest rate, another side those effort sweep out by make hike in prices of fuel.
In this way inflation still appear big problem. Indian economist try to handle those problem with greater effort and talent.

Rain in India
No one can deny importance of monsoon in India. India is agriculture based economy. So monsoon is most important factor in movement of Nifty.
Those are the major hurdle in path of Nifty.

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