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Nifty may point out GOOD oppourtunity.

Friday, August 26, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Dear investor,
Today Nifty close at 4747 point something. Some investor are earn money by short while most of us ruin in mini crash rally. Almost 1000 points were falling in Nifty. If you weren looking closely every fall and rise of Nifty from last one year, then you are understanding that fall and rise of Nifty almost 1000 points each time.

If you suppose to be true thenwe can conclude that it is time to buying. Even we can more goes in advance that it is time to go long. Every fall and rise always generate oppourtunity if earning. It is on of them.

We can take position in this wild market with proper stop in mind for minimise the risk.

Best Regards
Money Drives Life

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Falling Nifty raise chances of earning, How? Check it...

Thursday, August 18, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty once again close under the level 5000. This period is tough for investor as well as trader. There is always hope in worst period also, if you look positively rather than hard beating on your chest.

Today Nifty may come close to bottom. In this level it will try to rest feet on muddy ground. It may chance to fall of another 100 points in Nifty. It is time to pull your hook out of water, else your catch will eaten by shark of market and you would again buy good stock high price. There are too many good stock at attractive discount price. Try to buy steadily with small quatity each time rather than bulk quantity.

Stock like Reliance, SBI, Suzlon are few of example. You have to risk little. It is always safe to buy at low than crest of matket.

Wishing you Happy and prosperous buying!

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How Closing tells defines strength in Nifty?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 | | 0 Comments |


Dear market student,
In market I always heard that closing price is most important. But don’t know, “How to use it?”,
“How to analyze the closing price for future moves?” and “what really closing price denotes?”  Same question may arise in your mind also regarding Nifty.  We all know that closing price is very important market. Closing price is last emotion of market movers in market recorded on last time. So closing price helps us to define future.

Closing Price is denoting finger toward future.  Just we have to watch it carefully. I am telling here about closing price with keep in mind NIFTY. You may use it for another any instrument or stock also. I like to initially declare that it is not secret formula. It is one of the common techniques which are use by most wise trader. So while make analyze technically consider this trick also.

To make little simple calculation, we have to know some information of regarding closing price.
Those are as follows;
High Price
Low price
Closing Price
For example Today’s;
High Price =5112.15
Low Price=5017.25
Closing Price=5056.6
If you are watch above prices with out any pre condition, then we should unable to come on any conclusion. Some simple mathematical steps are helping to find out, firm ground to step on tomorrow market.
Just check it out
To find out range of market,
Range of Nifty= High Price – Low price
In our case
Range =5112.15-5017.25
To take averages divide it by 2
Add this average value in Low Price
=5017.25 +47.45              
It is our last value coming by manipulation with high and low price
It is center of today’s Nifty movement. Now check closing where it closes.
In our case Nifty closing Price is 5056.6.  It is below our center point 5064.7.
That simply denotes that weakness in market, but wait for some time to come final conclusion.
Closing price is very little distant from our center price 5064.7. So it also indicates that market sentiment is still in bearish but it is above previous price. That means  tomorrow  opening will be higher but with weaker trend.

In this way use it for analyze and judge market future. Over the experience you should able to predict right trend of Nifty. Your own experience is must. There is no “Chirag of Alladin” . You have to make your own with own experience.

In experiment mode (as beginner of market student, avoid to take position). Make your base firm then only try to swim in market, else you will loose money.

Hope you like it. Try new own ideas also. One day we would succeed to achieve right path.
Till then keep checking Money Drives Life!!!

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