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Nifty may point out GOOD oppourtunity.

Friday, August 26, 2011 | | |


Dear investor,
Today Nifty close at 4747 point something. Some investor are earn money by short while most of us ruin in mini crash rally. Almost 1000 points were falling in Nifty. If you weren looking closely every fall and rise of Nifty from last one year, then you are understanding that fall and rise of Nifty almost 1000 points each time.

If you suppose to be true thenwe can conclude that it is time to buying. Even we can more goes in advance that it is time to go long. Every fall and rise always generate oppourtunity if earning. It is on of them.

We can take position in this wild market with proper stop in mind for minimise the risk.

Best Regards
Money Drives Life

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