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Small valued stock which must in your portfoilo

Friday, March 2, 2012 | | |


Stock market always gives oppourtunity to earn money. Just you have to pick right gems for your portfolio. It is seem easy to choose a stock for portfolio, but it is not that much easy when we accumalate few in our portfolio.

Today I like to suggest the small valued, but very good stock. If you are able to hold this stock for long term, then it will rewarded you with good profit.

WWIL (Wireless and Wireless)India Limited @CMP 9.10

WWIL shows good movement fron 7 Rs. to 9 Rs. in last week. Once upon time it is traded in range of 29 Rs.

There should be huge gain after crossing 14.
So you can grab it for your portfolio, if you found it suitable on your own study.

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Thanking you

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