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What will be the Nifty in 2012?

Thursday, April 26, 2012 | | 0 Comments |


Today is last day of expiary of Indian stock market's deravative segment. Normally market closed in green on expiary day, it is nlrmal experience of most of trader like me.

But today Nifty try maximum to come up green area, but wouldn't success as it closed on 5189.

This closing of expiary I think enough to notify the journey in next month of May.

You may understand what I want to say. If you are not understand, then let me explain.

As per my view market will go in negative zone and in hand of "bear".

Hope this is enough clue to make further analysis.

Thanking you

Jalin Kuwar

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NIFTY quick review for benefit of trader

Monday, April 23, 2012 | | 0 Comments |


Today Nifty completely amaze to traders, but experienced trader are a seasoned for this up and downs. They are very well know how to profit from a such downs on time.

Previous session is tragedical one with negative bias. That session had recovered at last half hour. This recover is continue in today's early hour.

After that minimal recovery approach still the point 5310, after that Nifty drop down with passing time.

Nifty closed on 5200, but it today not touch previous low
of 5185. This may be glismp of hope for buying side people.

I feel bearish on Nifty for upcoming week.

What do you think for Indian market as well as global market?
Share your valuable thoughts with us in comment section.

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Thanking you

Jalin Kuwar
Thanking you

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Remarkable Point of Today Nifty Move For Upcoming Week

Friday, April 20, 2012 | | 0 Comments |


Today market is hovering above 5310 level, but not able jump to green zone in whole day. 5300 level was enough in mind of trader. This faith as usual break by nifty with in five minute or less Nifty broke up and reach in deep valley of 5245.

Same market appeared three or four session before. But today it Nifty again recovered and closeed on 5290.85 level.

Today some remarkable thing happen;
One Nifty not reach towards previous low 5185. This can help to Nifty to make concrete foundation on 5185 level as support.

Second it goes above supportnof 5250.

Although those remarkable movment Nifty, but some bad news were coming from European stock markets.

So there is cloudy weather in Indian stock market.

I like to advise trader grab profit, whenever you should in profit. This strartergy will help you in this volitile market.

Hope this article help you to earn profit in Nifty.

Thanking you

Jalin Kuwar

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Sudden Drop In Indian Stock Market today: Is It Alarm For Long Term Position?

Friday, April 13, 2012 | | 0 Comments |


INDIAN STOCK MARKET index Nifty and Sensex are dips today in Red Zone after news coming about Infosys's projection of business less than Nascomm's guidance. Nasscomm gave the guidance of 11-14% for Information Technology sector whereas Infosys project 8-10% revenue growth for FY2013.

On another hand Infosys gives revenue growth 27% more for same period of last year.

Till the 2 PM Nifty remain flat for whole day, Nifty work on support of 5275. On 2 PM when 5275 breaks then there was sudden fall more than 70 points with in 5 minutes.

Today's move is making cautious for long term position. It is third time Nifty take support of 5185 level. This increase hope on another side.

This is my opinion, what about you? What do you think for Nifty's trend for upcoming days?

Feel free to share your views in comment section.

Thanking you


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Nifty Review to use for tommorow on 11 Apr 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 | | 0 Comments |


Nifty moves today in 55 point of swing in whole day. Most of time it moved on negative side. It is obivious. If you are look at the last five trading session, you should not feel new about negative move of Nifty.

Today Indian Ruppes against dollar down close at three month low. It is become to reason for dump behaviour of Indian stock market.

One important thing happen today is in last hour in Nifty movement, that Nifty headed to take support at 5250 level. On another side it is plunged at 5243 on closing. Movement was showing in Nifty for buying side at last hour, it will become cause to throw Nifty in positive region in upcoming days.

You can expect Nifty will tommorrow in green.

Hope this article will help you in trading.

Thanking you


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Nifty will clear trend in upcoming week of 09 Apr 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012 | | 0 Comments |


In last two trading session of last week market is hover merely in 40 and 30 point. This indicates that market is thinking for the decision as well as due to lot of holiday in Indian stock market it was act on sideways.
So this is reason you should be careful while trading at tomorrow means on Monday 09 Apr 2012. There will be chances to define the exact trend in Nifty. 

So I like to advice that it is better to wait and watch at least in first two hour. 

Let the trend clear, then trade. It will keep you away from a surprising move in Indian stock market.
Market will define the trend in coming one or two session. Then act per trend rather opposing the trend. It will increase your chances to win.  

Trend is give money to trader almost 80% of time as per the conception of wise trader. Only 20% time it let away your money. So it is better bet to go with trend. Just layman trick no special steps.
Hope this article help you to trade

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Thanking  You

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