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Nifty Review to use for tommorow on 11 Apr 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 | | |


Nifty moves today in 55 point of swing in whole day. Most of time it moved on negative side. It is obivious. If you are look at the last five trading session, you should not feel new about negative move of Nifty.

Today Indian Ruppes against dollar down close at three month low. It is become to reason for dump behaviour of Indian stock market.

One important thing happen today is in last hour in Nifty movement, that Nifty headed to take support at 5250 level. On another side it is plunged at 5243 on closing. Movement was showing in Nifty for buying side at last hour, it will become cause to throw Nifty in positive region in upcoming days.

You can expect Nifty will tommorrow in green.

Hope this article will help you in trading.

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