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Nifty waiting for decsion, what could be next move? Look at our view

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | | |


Today Nifty makes new top after long time of 5377, still there is shown exuaste after lot of gain in last few days session. Nifty closing as DOJI star, means now tommorrow will define the next moves or trend.

This is crucial time for Indian stock market.
Few factor will Nifty take consideration while Nifty define trend. First upon the monsoon is bad in last three consecuative year. This will affect the next moves of Nifty. Anothere thing is China's progress will define on Thursday, as one of the big economy this will shows the further picture of future.
So I like to advise better trade tomorrow with more cautious and with small laps.
What do you think about Nifty trend in short future? Feel free to share with us.

Thanking you
Kuwar Jalin

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