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Review of Nifty of 7 Aug 2012 and prediction for 8 Aug 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 | | |


After bullish day today Nifty closed at 5336.4. Nifty able to cross 5350 at very marginal power, but not able to sustain above this pscyhological figure. After that there seem profit booking which is cause Nifty come little down at closing.
Profit bookingnis not intensive, but it will enough to hold Nifty tommorrow.

Europe Market is trading in red with very small loss, but still there is not enough movment to define trend.

Tommorow there is chance to same happen with Indian stock market. Trend is looking bullish, but tommorrow still some profit booking may persist.

What is your view of Indian stock market? Feel free to share with us.

Thanking you

Kuwar Jalin

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