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Nifty Review for 29 Oct 2013 and prediction for 30 Oct 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 | Labels: , , | |


Today Nifty rise 119.80 point from day low level of 6075. So keep moving even after range of 6200. This is new high area for Nifty. Nifty will try to keep in this zone, still it is looking tired. So if Nifty not able to sustain upper side tomorrow then better to sell it for next five day with proper STOPLOSS. This is might feel risky but it will reward. Try to judge Nifty at own risk. Keep every sense alert while take position, even slight fear com mind just realise position. Keep yourself away from market after all Nifty at new area of high. Might it will set new zone for newer high area, but chances of new high are leass as compare to downside. Better every individual judge own this only rough scale.

Todays Nifty intraday chart given befor your study;

Wish you Happy and Profitable trading!!

Thanking you,

Kuwar Jalin
Market Student

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