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Nifty Review of the 24 Oct 2013 ...look what Nifty hide for next session?

Thursday, October 24, 2013 | | |


Today Nifty keep the range of 100 point from high to low as like yesterday. If you are reading my yesterday's post then you don't feel the surprise about the opening and breaking in new ground of Nifty.
Nifty on 23 Oct 2013

After then the new high than previous day Nifty is not able to sustain on upper side...

At the half session Nifty plunge to take profit from higher side and slide almost 100 point from the high.

But still it looking in upper side mode because it maintain the higher low than previous day.

For your study look at today Nifty intraday chart or graph ;

Thanking you,

Kuwar Jalin
Market Student

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