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Nifty Review of 25 Oct 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013 | Labels: , , | |


Today Nifty keep the range of 50 point from high to low. This movment is lesser than previous two day which is almost 100 point. This indiacte that the traders are cautious on end of the trading week on Friday. Nifty moves in RED zone in whole day even though it comgack in GREEN zone still trader like to quit at end of day so they can enjoy weekend without any worry they simply leave the postion to trade with fresh mindset on Monday.

Monday will be the decisive day, it will decise where the Nifty remains in upcoming month. So do cautios trading on Monday.

Enjoy the holiday!!

For your study look at today Nifty intraday chart or graph ;

Thanking you,

Kuwar Jalin
Market Student

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