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Nifty Review of 30 Oct 2013 and prediction for 31 Oct 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | Labels: , , | |


Today Nifty volatilty is 50 point as compare to yesterdays 120 point from high to low. Means today trade Nifty happens with cautious moves. Nifty makes newer high today with exsutive manner as we discuss yesterday Nifty Review of 29 Oct 2013. This is new high area for Nifty.
Even after making high of 6269.2 Nifty not slide till the 6250. If you are look at whole day moment then hou easily realise ghe Nifty make 6250 as pivot.

So it is safer to go for buy if Nifty remains above 6250, if it goes down below 6250 go for short position.

If you should able to judge and play with ride ebb and tide, there will be great chance to earn tomorrow.

Wish you Happy and profiable trading!

Todays Nifty intraday chart given befor your study;

Wish you Happy and Profitable trading!!

Thanking you,

Kuwar Jalin
Market Student

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