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Secret to Cut your BIg Losses in Stock Market

Monday, August 17, 2015 | Labels: , , , , , , | |


Price is the most important factor in trading. Our trading system, predictions are all based on Price. Most of trader like me, forget over time this important aspect as we proceed in trading realm.
 Some time ego, over confidence on our trading system, predictions; cause to forget this simple aspect. Our perspectives create an illusion, in which we assume market moves not on its own will but due to our system.
Don’t you believe on me, remember last time your prediction goes against you. Does your mind not try to pull a market towards your side?  Even your position with small losses slowly turns into huge loss. Still your mind not wants to accept that your trading system failed, your prediction failed.
This is because we deny a price at NOW. We deny a market at current time.
Just accept your failure. Apply STOPLOSS.
You definitely save your MONEY.

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