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Trade with reason not on hope...Trading is journey of Self Discovery

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 | Labels: , | |


Savvy trader knows very well the stock market become life. Not part of life.
That's true!
In stock market making money is main objective of every trader, no doubt about it.
Once you start to swim in water of stock market, you will realise it slowly pours new ideas and way to live life in your personality.
Dumb man like me even start study, new aspect of life. You try to understand reason behind the price quotes and price action.
We want to beat the mass with our intelligence.
To   enhance intelligence we start study new subjects..
Everyday when the internet getting ON we start in search of piece of information..
which help us to find GOLD we can reach to Big Gold mine..

Might some sentence make you sense, some will not..
I just want to attract your focus..Stock market will be your life changing area..
it is journey of self discovery....

Trade with reason not on hopes..reason give your profit or atleast you can pull yourself with little losses when your reason is not valid; but hope will not. Hope will bottom out your balance in trading account..

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